There are lots of things to put into consideration when planning for a vacation and one of those things are your luggage. No matter how long your trip would be, you need to pack and you need to pack it right. If you're planning for your next travel, here are 5 life-changing packing hacks that might just help.

Always Roll

According to Travel & Leisure, rolling your clothes would definitely make life easier. It just saves a lot of space so instead of having two bags, you can settle for one. You won't have to check your bag too so you can avoid long conveyor belt lines in the airport.

Two Tops For One Bottom Rule

If you want to avoid overpacking, you can stick to this rule because it would really help you save more space for more important things. Re-wearing a pair of jeans is okay so make sure to have two tops for each bottom that you have. Light and dark-colored jeans would be best so it would be easy matching them to your tops.

Be Waterproof

One of the 5 life-changing packing hacks would be to make your bag waterproof by making use of the things that you're already taking with you. What you can do is to position your things carefully like lining the sides with zip-locked toiletries, putting towels at the bottom and covering the top with a raincoat. Rain or shine, you'd be ready for your next adventure.

Bring Dryer Sheets

Pack a few dryer sheets to achieve that fresh laundry smell for your baggage. According to Marie Claire, put some in the bottom and at the top of your luggage to make your clothes smell good.

Put Your Footwear In Bags

It's just unhygienic to mix your footwear with your other things so make sure that you cover them with a plastic bag or a shower cap. Anything that would keep your shoes sealed would do.

Now that you know these 5 life-changing packing hacks, you'll definitely enjoy your next travels. No more heavy bags and messy luggage.