There's always danger involved when you travel but there are just some places that you might not want to consider going to in the first place. However, some dangerous places also have amazing tourist attractions that are worth visiting so if you would risk it, it's better to know these places first so you can take extra precaution. Here are the top 5 most dangerous cities tourists should be aware of.

Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas is the capital city of Venezuela and although most countries face drug-related problems, the severity of the problem in this city poses a danger for tourists. According to Escape Here, crimes like theft and mugging are pretty common which makes the city unsafe for walking tourists. The city is also number one in murder cases which are mostly caused by notorious gangs.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Just like Caracas, the city of San Pedro Sula also experiences the same conditions. According to World Atlas, the place is full of notorious gangs and drug dealers which make the city unsafe for wandering tourists. Poverty is also one reason that causes crimes like theft.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez is also well-known for its drug problems which include it in the top 5 most dangerous cities tourists should be aware of. Some local police officers are often paid by drug dealers which leave most crimes unpunished. It is actually one of the most violent cities in Mexico.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is actually a beautiful place to visit because of its many amazing attractions but due to poverty, it can be a dangerous place. However, the city can be safe too if you don't wander off alone especially at night.

Baghdad, Iraq

Bombings and gunfire are still common in the city which includes it in the top 5 most dangerous cities tourists should be aware of. There are still many terrorist groups in the city that makes it unsafe for travelers.

When you plan your next travels, you might want to cross these top 5 most dangerous cities out in your itinerary. However, if you still prefer traveling to these cities, you might want to be extra careful.