If you are someone who's into scary adventures, you might want to visit the top 5 haunted places on Earth. These places are so scary that a lot of people have had nightmares about them. But if you're one of those brave souls, here's the list for you to plan your next trip.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Built in 1910, the place was once a hospital for tuberculosis patients. However, there wasn't a cure at that time for tuberculosis which led to thousands of deaths. According to Live Science, the site is very popular today for Halloween tours and there are plans of turning the site into a hotel. This might be the best place to stay the night if you love scary adventures.

Savannah, Georgia

It's the scariest place in the United States which is why it is included in the top 5 haunted places on Earth. Savannah is full of haunted houses and creepy cemeteries which are why there's a lot of ghost sightings in the area. In fact, the place offers tourists ghost tours for those who want to experience spine-tingling and hair-raising adventures.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a 900-year-old castle that has been home to numerous people like queens, kings, and criminals as well. Being 900 years old, the castle is just rich with history and who knows what events took place in that span of time. Locals even say that the ghost of Arabella Stuart still haunts the castle these days.

Aokigahara Woods

The Aokigahara forest is very well-known for its huge number of suicide cases that happened in the forest, hence the nickname, Suicide Forest. The forest is found at the base of Mount Fuji and many people say that it is haunted leading people to their deaths.

Island of Dolls, Mexico

The forest is full of dolls and locals say that the dolls come from the trees. According to Wonder List, legend has it that a little girl once died in the forest and that her soul creates the dolls.

For all those thrill-seekers out there, you might want to book your next trip to these top 5 haunted places on Earth. It will definitely be a different kind of adventure.