People have different preferences when it comes to vacations. Some would want a safari adventure or a beach vacation but some people are just thrill-seekers and want to experience the scariest rides in the world. If you want a spine-tingling and adrenaline-pumping experience of a lifetime, then here are the world's top 5 scariest rides for thrill-seekers.

Los Angeles' X2 Six Flags Magic Mountain

The Six Flags Magic Mountain is one of the most iconic rides there is which is why it's included in the world's top 5 scariest rides for thrill-seekers. However, the ride underwent a renovation which is why it is called X2 today. It's a 4-D ride which means that it has rotating and revolving seats that slide out of the racks.

New Jersey's Kingda Ka At Six Flags Great Adventure

According to Story Pick, Kingda Ka is the tallest and second fastest roller coaster in the world. It's launched by hydraulic launchers that reach a 456 feet top point and accelerates at 20 km/hr in just 3.5 seconds. If you just try to imagine it, it's not a ride for the faint-hearted.

Formula Rossa at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

There's a reason why the Formula Rossa is in Ferrari World. It's the world's fastest roller coaster that has a maximum speed of 240 km/hr. The acceleration happens in 5 seconds that you're like riding a racecar.

Leap of Faith at Atlantis, Bahamas

The Leap of Faith has a 70-degree drop that will push you through an underwater tube. The catch is that the lagoon is shark infested.

Fahrenheit at Hersheypark, Pennsylvania

According to Wander Bat, the Fahrenheit has a 97-degree vertical angle which drops at 97 feet. It is the father of roller coasters as some would say which is why it's in the world's top 5 scariest rides for thrill-seekers.

Now, that you now these different rides, you might want to buckle up and have the experience of a lifetime. These world's top 5 scariest rides is definitely a must try.