Traveling to a foreign country and accessing data services is quite expensive. But at times it is very necessary to have the data services so as to have a map guide that will help you navigate the new streets. To save data cost, Google has come up with a new travel free application available for both android users and IOS users called Google trips.

According to Forbes, the application allows download of maps for offline use and synchronizes with your Gmail account for a better organization of your trip including keeping track of your past and future trips. The app also organizes for your hotel reservations, car rentals, sight-seeing activities and recommends for restaurants.

The best feature about this application once it gathers information of your upcoming trips, the app will automatically suggest a download of the map of the city you will be visiting. Being in your current city and having to download a map of the foreign city is cheap and it saves you the cost of the data roaming cost once you are elsewhere.

As reported by Mashable, the organizational feature of the app is by means of cards. It has cards in categories such as things to do card which gives recommendations best places to visit in the city. The day plans card gives a recommendation on how to go about with your day depending on the weather and the mood as stated in your account.

The last card category of things to know equips you with the information of the local emergency numbers and hospital recommendations. The card suggestions originate from the former travelers who had given their views on the areas. The app can be customized by any traveler for it relies on your ideas. The vice president of the project, Richard Holden cannot begin to comprehend of what the future version of the app will hold, he imagines it to better than the current which bases on the recommendations.