With the New Year coming to a start, it has gotten some people to wonder what would be the best travel spots for the coming year. Many types of research have been done on travel locations for 2017 for both travel and leisure. Discussed are recommendations for the best travel spots for 2017.

In the mid of US election, Canada obtained popularity. On the New Year's Eve Montreal, will be commemorating its 375thanivesary and Canada its 150th anniversary. Provided the Canadian currency is not as strong as the US dollar, a trip to Canada is a good catch.

According to CNBC, on the 21 August, 2017 in Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina is expected to be a visible solar eclipse in the US continent since 1979. Hopkinsville, Kentucky has been identified as the point of greatest eclipse. The locals in Eclipse Ville city have planned a couple of events to mark the occasion which also includes the Summer Salute Festival between the dates August 18th -20th 2017.

Featuring the lonely planet, which is best at sites recommendations, it has ranked Ashville California as the best US visit site for 2017.the small innovative city, creates a haven of creativity and gives you a room to explore more as you float away from civilization or as exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Ranking second is western Washington being well represented by the twin peaks, misty mountains and evergreen forests. With the Seattle's new cultural tradition more people are being pulled into seeing the region.

Nebraska ranking third has the parade to commemorate its 150th anniversary. Hiking and climbing in the Palm Springs in California deserts ranks four while in Montana valley that ranks five having a chance to witness big bears, mountains and sky in the largest wilderness area are huge and the experience unforgettable.

Atlanta holds the sixth spot for its state of art stadium while 42 peaks of the Adirondack Mountains ranks at seven. The Texas hill country is remarkable for the wine is in the eighth spot leaving Denver known for its breweries ranking nine and the tenth is the Florida emerald coast with its fine beach sand. 2017 is remarkable for American since traveling and enjoying is possible within the borders.