We all like to take a time off and get out there to have a time for ourselves. But not all vacations that we go feel memorable, some feel so time wasting after the whole vacation is all gone. A memorable vacation or travel is the one that does not only live you happy but also give you a new connection to your inner self. Memorable trips are far better than just fun trips.

In 2016 there have been adventures that once you have experienced them, you will eventually have a better connection to yourself. Abel a travel editor and writer for 14 years has analyzed the memorable travels that will never leave you the same after the travel.

According to Forbes, Havana in Cuba known for its cultural diversities such as the Afro-Cuban Jazz and the Salsa dancing, it allows visitors to sink in the cultural variety that they are interested in. Salsa dancing is epic and breathtaking, watching people dancing to what they love is great. They also have a salsa learning school with patient teachers willing to instruct you to acquire best of skills.

In Baja California, there are several inns that offer adventures including hiking, mountain trekking, horse riding, surfing but the greatest of them all is watching, in fact, communicating with whales in Magdalena Bay. In one incidence, a whale played beside a tour boat and letting tourists scratch the tails.

As reported by Travelandleisure, Vietnam known for caves has the world largest cave Son Doong taking five exploration days and the smaller Hang Va and Hang Nuac Nut cave taking two days. Oxalis tours will guide you well through cold waters and past the bats as exploring the caves. Eating in Lisbon. Portugal is adventurous too, they have restaurants serving foods of all varieties but the best-served dish was the garden of the goose who laid golden eggs.

Ted turner expeditions on the New Mexico is amazing. Having a land which deliberately turned it into a park having two ranches and a desert land. With his tour company, he guides you through the expedition thoroughly. Seeing Taj Mahal and trekking I Japan under the guidance of the company walk Japan, gives you a chance to view the beautiful scenery as moving past shrines and temples. To have a travel that will leave an imprint in your life, the adventures analyzed above will do the trick.