Super Mario Run has been making hits in the Apple App Store since it was launched and made available for download last week. But the game's downloads does not justify Nintendo's shares which dropped 15 percent in the past five days.

Though Nintendo's shares have dropped 15 percent, the company's shares are still up by 50 percent this year. But then, Tech Crunch reports that the number is still significantly high. The news site also reports that Super Mario Run has been downloaded over 25 million times over the weekend. The number is greater than Pokemon Go, since it took 11 days for the game to have 25 million downloads.

And though Super Mario Run has been downloaded by millions of iOS users since its launch date, some of the users seemed not so happy about their game experience. The report states that it might have been caused by the users' need to be connected over the internet to play the game, or the need to pay for the game to unlock all stages for $9.99.

The report is backed up by the review rating on the iTunes page, which only hit 2.5 out of 5 stars. Most of the comments are about Super Mario Run's price, since compared to other games that are free to download, most only offer in-app purchases for customers to buy special items or speed up processes, and not the full version of the game, according to USA Today.

Meanwhile, Super Mario Run is still available only on iOS devices. This has caused game clones to come pouring in to the Google Play Store, which almost has the same concept as the original game. Some were already suspended by Nintendo, and the company is still conducting investigation on the other applications. The giant company has not yet provided any specific information on the Android launch of the game but promised the game will be available to Android devices on 2017.