Super Mario Run saw 2,850,000 downloads on day one. Super Mario Run received the full force of Nintendo's promotion. While a free version acts as a brief demo, access to all three modes of the game costs $9.99 in the App Store in the US, and £7.99 in the UK. But as players start to download the app, social media reaction is not just about game play - but whether the price of the full game is worth it.

Nintendo's big hit of 2016 was Pokemon Go - an app that was free to play up front (though the creators made their money through in-game purchases). So perhaps it's no surprise some people believe the price is too high. But others have been quick to jump to Nintendo's defence, saying the price is fair.

Without microtransactions, Super Mario Run will likely look more like a traditional game launch than anything else: huge sales right at the beginning that quickly taper off. It's not a bad thing, it's just what happens when you use a traditional pricing model, according to Forbes.

A game designer told the BBC that all entertainment creators deserved to be paid for their work - "the product of their passion, effort, and time," games designer Teddy Dief, who said he was enjoying the game so far. For now the title is restricted to Apple's iOS platform, but Nintendo has said it will come to Android "at some point in the future".