Super Mario Run has already been released and iOS users have been enjoying the game since Thursday last week. And while the game is still unavailable in Google Play Store, Android users have been seeing clones available for download.

According to Android Headlines, Super Mario Run game clones have started to emerge in the Google Play Store since the game was launched. Some of the game clones were Super Plumber Run, Mario Run Jumper, and other games with the same keyword. Meanwhile, other applications promises to download the game but the news site warn users not to download them. It has also been emphasized that the game is currently available only in iOS devices, as cleared by the game developer itself.

In line with this, the game "Mario Run Jumper" has already been suspended by Google after it has been proven to violate developer privacy standards. The report states that the company is still investigating on the other game clones to prevent such violations.

On the other hand, while iOS users have been enjoying the game already, Android users are still waiting for the Super Mario Run launch date for their devices. Forbes reports that Nintendo said they will launch the game in Android devices however; they did not give any specific date.

According to the news site, developer privacy issues may be the main cause of the delay since violations of such standards has a higher rate when it comes to Android devices, which is evident on the number of Super Mario Run game clones available in the Google Play Store. Though Android users still do not have a clue as to until when they would have to wait for Super Mario Run to be available in the Google Play Store, Nintendo has promised that the game will be launched this 2017