The people of China have a particular holiday which is celebrated by young unmarried people, which they call "Singles Day", and this event happens during the eleventh day of November every year. During this day, people start online shopping for gifts and many other things, turning the whole event day into the world's biggest day for online shopping. Many internet retailers are predicting that they would reach 20 billion dollars in sales this year.

Online marketplace company Alibaba, similar to the United States' Amazon Company founded by a former English teacher Jack Ma in China, has 450 million consumers in China alone, who shop on Tmall and Taobao, Alibaba's Mandarin-language sites. And this year, according to Forbes, United States-based stores such as Apple, Cosco, Macy's, Target and Starbucks, collaborated with Alibaba for them to sell merchandises for online consumers in China.

Good thing for Americans who would want to participate in China's Singles' Day Sale, Alibaba has an online wholesale market that is set in English language, where foreigners can buy things. Unfortunately, the products are not from well-known name brands.

Here's a short list of odd things you can buy in Alibaba during the Singles' Day Sale for a very low price, according to Travel and LeisureFirst on the list are LED dog collars. You can get these for the price of a dollar and 21 cents each. But you have to purchase at least 100 items. Second on the list is a romantic musical flower rotating happy birthday candle. The price of this item is only 92 cents. Third item from the list are wachiterdrop-shaped makeup sponges. These things costs 67 cents each and you should purchase minimum of five of these. Fourth item from the list are simulated diamond rings, which costs 50 cents each. You need to order minimum of 20 rings though. Lastly, Santa Suits for your silverware. These costs 2 cents per set and you need to at least buy 10 sets.