Backpacking through Europe is something that seems to make its way on to everyone's bucket list. Just picking up a backpacker bag, flying somewhere far away, and just making do with what you have seems like every adventurer's dream. But the question always remains: where should you go?

Europe is filled with so many historical picturesque sites, deciding on your intended locations while sticking to your budget can be an extremely difficult task. While taking in travel expenses, accommodation prices, contradictory backpacking tips, and the desire to see as many beautiful places as possible, making an itinerary might eat away time and discourage you from actually going.

But don't consider it impossible just yet. Europe holds so many budget-friendly travel destinations that are perfect for backpackers to explore. Check out our top five picks for best backpacking locations throughout Europe.

1. Berlin, Germany

This hub of creative energy, youth, and culture offers travellers with the opportunity to embrace several galleries, museums, musical centers, and lively nightlife spots. What makes Berlin a must-see for backpackers is the abundance of affordable accommodations available in the city. The Culture Trip also recommends a chance to learn history and culture via a free city tour by New Europe Tours, held every day.

2. The Greek Isles

The gorgeous beaches of Greece, their unique cuisine, the photo-worthy sites and world-famous parties should be more than enough to make you want to plan a trip to the Greek isles. However, another great thing about this gorgeous spot is that backpackers will only have to pay less than $20 for good accommodation. The pristine sights and rock-bottom prices make this perfect for backpacking travel.

3. Cornwall, England

While London might be everyone's first idea of backpacking through England, they will quickly find themselves dumbfounded by the steep prices and abundance of people. But outside London, the humble Cornwall offers romantic picturesque sites of hills, valleys, and charming towns that will not disappoint. Even better, according to Cheap Air, beachside residences in this humble city will cost you around $15, authentic English breakfast included!

4.  Bruges, Belgium

Backpackers often opt to travel through Europe because of their passion for history and foreign culture. If this is also your reason, then Bruges is a perfect spot for you. Bruges is full of medieval buildings and vibrant scenery. Named one of Europe's cheapest cities, you can guarantee that hospitable accommodation, good food, and excellent facilities are easily available for backpackers from all over.

5. Split, Croatia

If you're familiar with the Ultra Europe music festival, then you've definitely heard of this backpacking hotspot. With everything from gorgeous beaches, majestic cathedrals, a history-rich palace and a UNESCO world heritage Roman monument, this city is perfect for culture-seekers, music-lovers, and avid adventurers from near and far.