The best wineries of Germany produce the best products from the vineyard regions of the slopes located beside the Rhine River. Most of the plantations are dated back from the Roman era which makes their product better with time.

Here is a list of the country's best vineyard regions that produce the finest red and white wines in the world that you could encounter in Germany's wine tour packages.

1.       Mosel-Saar-Ruwer

Start your wine tasting tour in Germany at the Mosel wine region, the third largest wine producer in the country. The best grapes are gathered at the slopes of the nearby Mosel River, and the end product provides a light and delicate yet rigid quality.

2.       Palatinate

Known as the Pfalz region in German, it produced mostly Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Silvaner, and Kerner. Because of its relatively warm climate, other Mediterranean fruits flourish here like figs and lemons. This region also host the Wurstmarkt, the world's largest wine festival in September at Bad Dürkheim.

3.       Rheingau

The Rheingau region is one of the smallest producers of wine in Germany, occupying only three percent of vineyard plantings. Despite that, its vineyard on the slopes beside the Rhine River enables the region to produce best quality of Riesling grapes, which makes up 80 percent of its total plantings. Rheingau is also known for its Spätburgunder, commonly known in France as Pinot Noir.

4.       Rheinhassen

Simillar to Rheingau, the Rheinhassen region also has vineyard slopes beside the Rhine River, the Rheinterrasse, which produces the region's highest quality wines. Rheinhassen delivers 25 percent of wine in Germany making it the largest region to produce basic day-to-day wine.

5.       Baden

Germany's longest wine region encompassing Basel, Switzerland, and Manheim beside Rhein River, Baden is also the third largest vineyard region in the country. The area is protected by the mountains of Vosges and the trees of the Black Forest which enables it to have a warm climate. This helps on having a fuller alcohol content on the products.