Florence is famous for many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture; the Galleria dell'Accademia which displays Michelangelo's "David" sculpture; the cathedral with a terracotta-tiled dome which is called Duomo and one of the world's greatest art museums, the Uffizi Gallery. It is also the capital of Italy's Tuscany region.

The city offers more than just churches and museums; it is also renowned for its excellent leather goods, and one of the top European shopping haven and trendy boutiques. What's more exciting is that there are a lot of shops that offer personalized items! Let's take a tour and mark your name on your purchase.

Benheart: personalized leather

Benheart (benheart.it) is the one of the most-visited store of leather aficionados. You can personalize everything from the belt, wallet, bags and many more. Using a large mortar type hammer, they can stamp your initials in the items you bought. Your friends will be green in envy when they saw you dangling that bag specially designed for you.

Aqua Flor: make your own scent

If you're looking for luxury perfume, Aqua Flor is the best place to visit. It's a unique shop that offers customized fragrances. You can also take home ready-made perfumes, prices ranges from 90.00 to 180.00 Euros.

Officine Nora: showcase your masterpiece

Buy jewelries direct from the makers in Santo Spirito. Officine Nora (officinenora.it) is a shop-and-workshop combined sanctuary for contemporary jewelry lovers. You can rent and use the machineries and tools that they are using if you want to make your own creation. And more good news, you can also showcase your masterpiece and sell it directly to customers. What a new way to enjoy a vacation!

Officina Laboratorio Ceramica

Your trip will be even more memorable by bringing home your own piece of art. Be like Patrick Swayze or Demi Moore and try your hands at making pottery. You will learn not just clay molding but they also offer seminar about ceramics with gold, silver and copper red components that will make your creation more dazzling.