April 13, 2024 8:19 AM


Color Trends 2017: Repaint Your Life With This Coming Year’s Lucky Hues

Strong hues are being predicted to splash the year with a colorful meaning, inviting good vibes and vibrancy.


Travel Tips: Four Must-Visit Personalized Shops In Florence Every Traveller Should Not Miss

This city offers more than just churches and museums; it is also renowned for its excellent leather goods, and one of the top European shopping haven and trendy boutiques. What’s more exciting is that there are a lot of shops that offer personalized items! Let’s take a tour and mark your name on your purchase.


The Most Modest Attire To Bring On A Vacation

Wearing your most comfortable clothes is not always a 'must' in traveling. You also need to pay respect to other people around you, so you should research first and choose the “appropriate” attire. Your view about fashion may not always be impressive, others might be offended.


Fashion Alert: Transatlantic Fashion Week Debuts at Cunard’s Queen Mary 2

Cunard's first-ever "Transatlantic Fashion Week" literally made waves as it gathered almost 2000 VIP and high-fashioned guests. The event took place at the newly remastered Queen Mary 2 cruise liner.


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