July 22, 2024 3:28 PM


Starbucks To Open Its First Deaf-Friendly Branch In Washington, DC

Starbucks is taking a step forward into making its store inclusive for people hard-of-hearing and deaf people. The chain is opening its first deaf-friendly store in Washington, which will hire at least 20 staff fluent in ASL.


Starbucks Is Now Selling An Avocado Frappé, But You Can’t Buy One

Starbucks has brought back its famous Avocado drink due to popular demand. The creamy drink even has a cute chocolate topper which makes it look like a half-cut fruit. However, it is only available in South Korea.


Yup, Starbucks Knows About The Matcha Tea Hack And Is Not Happy About It

Baristas all over Starbucks are shutting down people who tries to scam them by ordering the $0.80 matcha hack that got viral on Instagram. The famous coffee chain now calls the drink a custom iced tea and charges people accordingly.


World's Largest Starbucks Will Be Opening Soon In Chicago

Chicago will soon be home to the largest Roastery Starbucks is planning to make.


Anthony Bourdain Disses Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappucino As The ‘Perfect Nexus Of Awfulness’

Anthony Bourdain hated Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappucino; he thought it's the "perfect nexus of awfulness."


Starbucks Must Get Its Coffee 'Right' Before Opening Italian Branches

Opening a Starbucks in Italy means the American coffee brand is confident it is on par with local handmade connoisseur coffee from specialty Italian coffee businesses. The company's 300 new Italian branches would need to get its coffee right -- else face the ire of Italian coffee businesses.


Top Five Of The Strangest Things To Buy During Singles' Day In China

A list of peculiar things that you can buy for a cheap price during Singles' Day in China.


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