Everybody hates driving over a pothole or encountering bumpy roads, especially if you're on a relaxing road trip. In a worst case scenario, you might even spent a huge amount of money because a simple pothole that may eventually lead to a troublesome accident.

According to report by CityLab, the severe road conditions of Oakland and San Francisco, California costs its drivers almost $1,000 each year. The cost includes damages from bumping accidents, vehicle maintenance and repairs, heightened fuel utilization and general reduction due to wear and tear, which will give you an average of $978 within these Bay cities, unlike the national average of $523, according to nonprofit transportation group TRIP.

According to the Smithsonian, 71 percent of the roads of San Francisco and Oakland, California have a very bad state. The second area with severe road conditions is a three way tie between Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Ana, all in the state of California. Sixty percent of the roads of these three areas in California are in below average condition. In third is San Jose, California, with 59 percent of its roads in bad shape. Detroit in the state of Michigan comes in fourth place, with 56 percent of its roads in critical condition. The fifth place with bad road conditions is in Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin, with 56 percent of its roads in bad shape.

Despite not being on the higher part of the list, Oklahoma City, being rank eighth in the list, has an average cost for motorists at $1,025. The city of Tulsa in the state of Oklahoma, ranks tenth in the list, has an average of $998 cost. Here is a video of a bumpy road in the United States, particularly in Los Angeles California which was taken in 2012: