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High-speed rail: The new face of

Traveling Within China Is A Breeze With 250-MPH Bullet-Trains In 2020

Three years from now, China's famous high-speed bullet trains will become faster up to 250 mph or 400 km/h. This is seen as a tourism and economic boo...


Nissan Juke Signal Shield: Helping reduce smartphone distraction at the wheel

Nissan Signal Shield Could Be The Answer To Prevent The Use Of Mobile Devices While Driving

Nissan has come up with a prototype for an accessory that can prevent distracted driving and it's ca...


Airline Stocks Rebound After Foiled Terror Plot

American Airlines New Planes Might Have Less Legroom For Economy Class, Wants To Fit More Seats

American Airlines is planning to cut the distance between two seats by 2 inches of its economy class...


Tesla Worldwide Debut of Model X

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic And Elon Musk’s SpaceX Competes On Social Media

Two of the front runners in space travel have shared on social media photos of their respective air ...


MIT's WiGait For Detecting Walking Speed With Wireless Signals

A Gadget To Measure Walking Speed Can Be A Good Travel Companion For The Health Conscious

Health-conscious travelers and the elderlies can now benefit from an innovative product that can acc...


Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop

Surface Laptop: What To Expect From The Newest Notebook From Microsoft

Microsoft introduces a state-of-the-art laptop called Surface Laptop. Unique features are found in t...


Visa Plans Largest IPO In U.S. History

Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard Considered The Best Credit Card For International Travel

The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard is being considered as the best traveling credit...


Nintendo Switch - Play anytime, anywhere, with anyone

Nintendo Switch Can Be A Travel Companion; Product New Details Debunk 'Artificial Scarcity' Myth

Nintendo Switch units are scarce in some markets and this was reportedly due to the "artificial scar...


Samsung Unveils New Galaxy S8 Phone

‘Samsung Galaxy S8’ Edges The ‘Huawei P10’ Overall, But Huawei’s Latest Flagship Still Offers Great Specs

The "Huawei P10" has great specs and is a good and attractive smartphone device. But it's still belo...


United Airlines

United Airlines Offers Cheap Flights To Woo Back Passengers and Financial Incentives For Overbooked Flights

Cheap flights, financial incentives for passengers volunteering to relinquish their seats during ove...


Delta Unveils Low-Fare Song Airlines Jets

Secret Button In Airplane Seat Gives Passengers More Room, Can Help In Making Flights More Comfortable

Passengers who are sitting on an aisle seat would be happy to know that they can adjust the armrest ...


Track and Book your next hotel with Waylo

Hotel Prices Tracking App Now Available Via Facebook

Travelers will surely love this new search tool that can track hotel prices using Facebook. It is an...


BESTEK Portable International Travel Voltage Converter!

The BEZTEK Portable Converter That Can Be Used Anywhere For Travelling Needs, Can Be Purchased For Only $35

The BEZTEK Portable International Voltage Converter is a great tool for people who are always travel...


Jet Fuel Shortages And High Prices Hurt Airlines Profitability

Delta Airlines Pilot Removed From Duty For Smacking Passenger, Was Later Reinstated After Learning His Action De-Escalated Altercations

A Delta Airlines pilot was removed from duty after smacking a woman passenger who was in an altercat...


Oman Hotel

Discover The New Paradise Perched Proudly In The Mountains Of Oman, The Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort

Enter the highest five-star resort in the Middle East, located in the fabled Green Mountain of Oman.


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