Ready to ditch the usual hustle of airports and embrace a cooler way to see Europe? Meet the European Sleeper, the continent's groovy answer to modern travel. As you board in one city at dusk, you'll be fast asleep while cruising towards a new destination, waking up refreshed and ready to explore.

Starting out in Brussels, the European Sleeper rolls through a lineup of fascinating spots, including Berlin and Prague, with quick stops in places like Dresden and Bad Schandau. You've got options on how to ride-cozy up in a standard seat, snag a couchette for a bit more room, or go all out with a sleeper car for the ultimate comfort.

What You Need to Know About the European Sleeper - the Continent's Coolest Travel Method
European Sleeper
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Besides catching glimpses of these cool spots from the comfort of your cabin and bed, there's a bunch more you gotta know. Here's the scoop on everything essential about the European Sleeper.

See Europe Unfold from Your Window

When you hop on the European Sleeper, your journey starts in bustling Brussels and can extend all the way to Prague, slicing through Europe's heart. This train ticks off major capitals like Amsterdam and Berlin, plus cozy corners like Dresden.

Early birds can catch a sunrise over Dresden or watch urban landscapes shift into pastoral bliss. It's your front-row seat to an ever-changing European panorama, with less frequented gems and popular hotspots along the route.

Find Your Comfort Zone

The European Sleeper lets you tailor your travel to your comfort. Choose from simple seats, roomier couchettes, or private sleepers. If you pick, expect to find a setup that lets you relax and recharge as you zip from one city to the next. 

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Sleeper compartments are a hit for their cozy vibe-they're like having your little mobile hotel room. If you're not much for sleeping, seated areas are perfect for reading, catching up on work, or just enjoying the view.

What You Need to Know About the European Sleeper - the Continent's Coolest Travel Method
Sleepers in European Sleeper
(Photo : Screenshot image taken from the official website of European Sleeper)

Onboard Perks

Riding the European Sleeper is about enjoying the journey, not just reaching your destination. Feeling peckish? Some snacks or a hot drink are included in your fare. Need to stay connected? Sadly, there is no wi-fi, but mobile data is fast enough for you to browse. 

Aside from that, this train is pet-friendly. That means you can take your furry friend and enjoy the journey together! 

Booking Tips

Getting tickets for the European Sleeper is a breeze. Head online to their site or other travel portals to get your spot. If you're planning way ahead or looking for a last-minute getaway, they've got you covered. Prices change with the choice of seat and travel length. 

Why Ride the European Sleeper?

Choosing the European Sleeper means gearing up for an epic travel story. You'll roll into new cities feeling fresh and ready to explore. Ditch the airport stress and enjoy seamless city hops that offer both the major hits and the hidden niches of Europe. It's ideal if you're flying solo, making memories with your significant other, or taking the whole family on a European tour.

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