Hop on board the Mesopotamia Express, Turkey's exciting new sleeper train, and cruise through some of the oldest cultural landscapes the world has to offer. Starting in Ankara on April 19, this train takes you on a journey through the stunning scenery and deep history of Turkey's heartlands.

As you settle into your comfy cabin, the train will zip you away towards the desert landscapes and historic sites of central and southeastern Anatolia. You get to stop over in ancient cities like Kayseri, the heart of Cappadocia, and explore centuries-old Seljuk mosques and tombs without rushing through.

This New Sleeper Train in Turkey Lets You Sleep Your Way Through Ancient Wonders
Mesopotamia Express in Turkey
(Photo : Screenshot image taken from Daily Sabah on Instagram)

Set to Roll: The Mesopotamia Express Hits the Tracks

Come April 19, Turkey is set to roll out a treat for both train lovers and history buffs-the Mesopotamia Express. This new sleeper train will take you on a 1,051-kilometer journey through Turkey's heart, showcasing everything from Ankara's bustling vibes to the serene landscapes of southeastern Anatolia. You'll get to watch centuries of history pass by your window, from the comfort of a train that marries the old with the new.

First Stop: Kayseri, the Gateway to Cappadocia

Your first major pit stop comes three hours in at Kayseri, the historical heartbeat of Cappadocia. Here, you can hop off and wander through ancient mosques and tombs dating back to the 13th century, all echoing the tales of the Seljuk era. It is not merely a break in the journey but a plunge into a deep pool of architectural history. After exploring, you jump back on the train, ready for the next leg of this historical adventure.

Next Up: Malatya and the Beauty of Arslantepe

The train chugs along to Malatya, where the legendary Arslantepe Mound beckons. This spot is ancient, with its temples and mural paintings stretching back to 3000 BC. You get three hours to lose yourself in this UNESCO-listed site, likely snapping pics and maybe even trying some of Malatya's famous apricots. It's a rare chance to walk through layers of human history, all within arm's reach of your train seat.

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A Toast to History in Elazığ

Elazığ is next, and it does not disappoint, especially if you are into wine and food. Famous for its vineyards and culinary arts, Elazığ offers a perfect mix of indulgence and culture. Spend four hours here, and you'll get to taste the local life and its flavors, making it a key highlight of your journey on the Mesopotamia Express.

End of the Line: Diyarbakır

Your final destination is Diyarbakır, where the train circles back to Ankara on April 21. Diyarbakır offers plenty to see and do, from its ancient walls to its vibrant markets. It's a fitting end to a trip that's been all about connecting with Turkey's rich history and culture.

Ticket to Ride

Ready to book this journey? Tickets for the outbound trip from Ankara start at €257, with the return journey a bit lighter on the wallet at €230. This fare is your all-access pass to some of Turkey's most treasured spots. The train can host up to 180 passengers, offering everyone from dining to sleeping cars that transform seats into beds for a comfy night's sleep.

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