High Street in Melbourne has officially been dubbed the world's coolest street. Yep, you heard us right-this trendy thoroughfare has outpaced iconic spots like Hollywood Road in Hong Kong and East Eleventh in Austin to snatch the top spot!

So what makes High Street the place to be? Stretching through the vibrant suburbs of Northcote, Thornbury, and Preston, High Street is a cultural powerhouse where the energy is infectious and the streets are bustling with life. From mouth-watering eateries to buzzing music venues and eclectic shops, every corner you turn presents a new adventure.

Besides these, why is High Street called the world's "coolest street"? Here are the reasons why!

High Street, Melbourne
(Photo : Screenshot image taken from 7News Australia)

Meet Melbourne's Mural Hub

You know you have hit the High Street when you start seeing colorful murals everywhere. This street is famous for its vibrant street art that turns any walk into an Instagram-worthy tour. Local and international artists have left their mark here, making it a dynamic gallery under the open sky.

Whether it is the graffiti-adorned lanes or the commissioned artworks that line the street, there is always something new to spot. Plus, the art scene here is totally alive; galleries and pop-ups often launch new shows that keep the vibe fresh. It is like walking through a live exhibit, but you can wear your comfiest shoes.

The Beats Go On

Night falls, and High Street does not miss a beat. The nightlife here is on another level with spots ranging from cozy pubs to bumping live music venues. You can catch emerging bands at the Northcote Social Club or enjoy a cocktail and some jazz at High Note. Each venue has its own flavor, making it super easy to find your scene or mix it up every weekend. And yes, the whole place is pulsing with energy, so good luck sticking to just one spot!

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Foodie Trailblazer

If your stomach's rumbling, High Street's the place to fix that. Here, foodies can revel in a spread of cuisines, from pastries at local bakeries to game-changing lasagne that will have you ditching your diet plan. Get some hand-pulled noodles at a tucked-away Asian joint or grab a craft beer and burger at the food truck park. Every meal is a hit, no misses. Seriously, bring your appetite-this street will challenge it in the best way possible.

Shop 'Til You Drop

Forget your typical mall crawl; shopping on the High Street is all about unique finds. This strip is peppered with vintage shops where you can score some retro gear or snag a rare vinyl to expand your collection. Local artists also showcase their crafts, from quirky home decor to fashion-forward threads that ensure you stand out.

And for the bookworms, the indie bookshops here are not your run-of-the-mill stores; they're cultural havens where you can lose hours. It is the perfect mix for a day of retail therapy with a twist.

Festival Fever

High Street is not just about the day-to-day but it is also a festival hotspot, too. Throughout the year, the street blooms with events celebrating everything from indie films to homemade brews. These festivals are more than fun-they knit the community closer together, creating a buzz that is contagious. You will feel right at home with the friendly vibes and maybe even become a festival regular. It is a chance to party with the locals and see why the High Street earns its cool cred time and again.

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