Australia has its fair share of mountains for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain climbing. There are those that even allow you to relax, unwind, and have a picnic. 

But did you know that there's such a thing as cliff picnics in Australia? 

And as its name suggests, it takes picnics on to a whole new level... suspended from the edge of a cliff kind of level. Yes, you read that right. 

If this is your kind of thing, here's what you have to know about cliff picnics in Melbourne. 

Cliff Picnics in Melbourne

Cliff picnics are offered specificiall in the Gorge Day Visitor Area of Mount Buffalo. You and your dining companion will find yourselves on a private ledge suspended 300 meters or 984.252 feet above the valley floor. 

Bright Adventure Company is the go-to for cliff picnics in Melbourne. They offer sunrise, lunch, and dinner cliff picnics, so you have the freedom to dine mid-air at your preferred time of the day. 

Each picnic is scheduled for two and a half hours, and the minimum number of participants is two. The picnic caters to all dietary requirements. However, you are advised to let Bright Adventure Company prior to your scheduled picnic date. 

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Picnic Inclusions and What to Bring

The fee you pay for includes a picnic hamper full of food prepared using fresh local ingredients. The fee likewise includes all equipment that will be used to keep you safe during your meal, as well as a blanket and digital photos that you will receive of your stay. 

On your end, you are advised to wear sturdy shoes and suitable clothing. What this means is no shoes or slippers with thongs, short shorts, or short tops. Warm clothing is preferable as Mount Buffalo is an alpine environment. 

You are also recommended to bring a bottle of water, sunscreen, and any personal medication that you may need during the picnic. 

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