United Airlines is rolling out a new promotion for 2024, inviting elite flyers from select airlines to match their status with United's MileagePlus Premier program. Interested flyers can apply from Jan. 5 to Dec. 20 to elevate their flying experience.

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United Airlines Introduces 2024 Premier Status Match Challenge

The promotion called the Premier Status Match Challenge, is designed for top-tier members of other frequent flyer programs. Participants can upgrade to Premier Silver, Gold, or Platinum status in the MileagePlus program for 120 days, depending on their current status with other airlines. 

To retain the matched status through the end of 2024, flyers must meet specific flight and point requirements on United or United Express flights during the 120-day period.

United Airlines' offer is a chance for frequent flyers of Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, and Qantas to enjoy Premier benefits. 

These include faster check-in, priority boarding, and additional baggage allowances, although access to partner airline lounges and other reciprocal benefits may be limited during the challenge period.

Flyers must earn a set number of flights and points to keep their Premier status beyond the trial period. For Premier Silver, the requirement is four flights and 1,300 points. Premier Gold requires eight flights and 2,600 points, while Premier Platinum needs twelve flights and 4,000 points.

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How to Apply? 

Applications for the status match must include a MileagePlus account number, a valid email address linked to that account, and a digital copy of the applicant's current membership card from another airline's frequent flyer program.

United Airlines emphasizes that this offer is not available to members who have participated in a similar status match or received a Premier status exception in the past five years. 

Also, the matched status does not include the issuance of new membership materials, and PlusPoints rewards are only given to those who reach Premier Platinum.

About United Airlines

United Airlines is actively engaging in community support and environmental sustainability. The airline's nearly 100,000 employees are involved in various charitable activities including leading volunteer events and assisting in global disaster relief efforts. 

These initiatives demonstrate United's dedication to the communities it serves globally.

Aside from that, their commitment extends beyond community service as it takes significant steps to address climate change. The airline is focused on reducing its emissions to ensure a sustainable future while continuing to connect people and unite the world. 

This commitment to environmental sustainability underscores United Airlines' dedication to preserving the planet for future generations.

Through partnerships with nonprofits and a focus on impactful projects, United Airlines is using its resources to make meaningful changes in communities worldwide. This approach supports the airline's mission of global connectivity but also enhances its efforts to combat climate change through innovative and responsible practices.

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