United Airlines has started a new service that lets up to five people share their travel miles together. This makes it the first big airline in the U.S. to offer such a feature. Now, friends and families can combine their miles into one account, making it easier to plan trips together.

United Airlines Makes Group Travel Easier with Innovative Mileage Sharing Feature

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United Airlines Launches Mile Pooling for Travelers

United Airlines announced this change as part of its MileagePlus program. This program lets travelers earn miles when they fly with the airline. Before, each person had to keep their miles in their own account. Starting now, any five people who are part of the MileagePlus program can put their miles together. This includes parents who want to earn miles for family trips by adding their children's accounts to theirs. Children of any age can join the program, so families can start saving up for trips right away.

To start a mile pool, as shared by Travel Pulse, one person over 18 needs to set it up and invite up to four others to join. This is free to do. Once the pool is made, everyone in it can add their miles to the pool and use them to book flights. There's no limit to how many miles they can put in. However, only the miles used for a trip will count towards getting special status with the airline, like getting to board the plane early.

United Airlines is happy to offer this option. Luc Bondar, the head of the MileagePlus program, said it shows the airline's commitment to making travel easier and more enjoyable for groups and families. He believes that by letting people share miles, more families and friends can travel to places they care about together.

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United Airlines Faces More Checks After Safety Concerns

United Airlines is under closer watch by federal regulators after some safety problems. The airline shared on Friday that there were recent troubles, like part of a plane's outside layer coming off, an engine catching fire, and a plane losing a tire when taking off.

Sasha Johnson, who oversees safety at United Airlines, said the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will check different parts of how the airline works to make sure it's safe. NPR reported that the FAA will look more into United's ways of doing things, like how they keep records and check their planes, over the next few weeks.

The FAA, which makes sure airlines follow safety rules, said it always watches how airlines operate. It did not say it was taking extra steps with United Airlines right now.

After these problems, United's CEO, Scott Kirby, told customers the airline is safe. He mentioned the issues were not connected and talked about making the training better for pilots and mechanics.

Recently, a United Airlines plane had a big piece fall off during a flight, another had an engine fire, and a third lost a tire. These incidents have led to more attention on how United Airlines makes sure its flights are safe.

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