May 22, 2024 11:17 PM

Will Walker

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    5 Best International Gambling Destinations

    Everybody enjoys a little vice now and again. And, for Americans, that vice often takes the form of gambling. Indeed, from Mark Twain novels to famous Broadway Plays, gambling has always captured a unique section of the American spirit, teasing us with the idea of effortless riches, up-all-night partying, and, of course, the possibility of losing it all in one bad hand.

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    5 Best College Bars in Boston

    There is no better college city in the country than Boston. Indeed, with over 100 institutions of higher learning in its metropolitan area, the urban college experience is, more or less defined by the Boston experience.

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    5 Best Shopping Districts in the World

    Everybody likes to shop. But some people love it. They just can’t get over the feeling of buying new things, of totally redecorating their apartment, or getting that new jacket they’ve been eyeing. Something about the act of purchasing really excites them.

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    5 Tips for Family Travel

    You’ve been planning your vacation for three months, but on the day you’re supposed to leave, no one seems to be ready to go. Your kids are screaming about the long drive, your spouse has you worried about the hotel, and on top of it all, you aren’t even sure that the place you picked will be have enough activities to keep everybody occupied.

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    5 Best Restaurants in San Diego

    San Diego is known for a great number of things, including its weather, its beaches, and its hosting of the yearly nerd-fest, Comic Con. However, one thing you probably didn’t know about San Diego is that it has some of the best restaurants in the world.

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    Top 5 Art Museums in the Country

    When people think of Fine Art, the United States probably isn’t the first country that pops into their head. Indeed, while we may lead the world in innovation, obesity, and defense-spending, painting and sculpture were never really our thing – a triviality we left to the Italians, British, and, of course, the French.

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    Top 5 Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

    Few things in the world are as archetypically beautiful as gardens, places designed specifically to foster peace, tranquility, and quiet contemplation.

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    5 Strangest Houses in the World

    Winston Churchill once said: “We shape buildings. From then on, they shape us.” If that’s the case, then there must be some pretty strangely-shaped people out there.

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    5 Best Airport Restaurants in the Country

    Everybody knows that having a layover is a drag. After all, what’s worse for than sitting in an airport, killing time, waiting for a flight that’s been delayed an extra hour or two.

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    5 Ways to Revitalize Your Summer

    Everyone always has big plans for the summer. From setting off on that trip you’ve always wanted to go on, to taking language classes in your spare time, the goals we set for ourselves during the summer months are oftentimes the most fun, desirable, or ambitious we have.

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    5 Best Bike Trails in the US

    Everybody loves a good bike ride. After all, there’s no better way to get your exercise out of the way then cruising along a scenic cycling route, taking in the sites in and fresh air that mark the end of summer.

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    5 Reasons Cleveland is on the Rise

    Of all the cities in the country, few have been as consistently ignored, disrespected, and put down as Cleveland, Ohio, the so-called “mistake on the lake” and the spiritual capital of the dying rust belt.

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    Top 5 Restaurants in Cleveland

    When people think of Cleveland, they probably don’t think fine dining. And yet, the Metropolis of the West is not only notable for being bad at sports and having high unemployment. In fact, the culinary scene in Cleveland is one of the most important and innovative in the country, providing up-and-coming chefs with the experiments and experiences they need to hit the big leagues.

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    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Louisiana

    Everybody thinks they know about Louisiana. After all, the state is the site of the world’s largest Mardi Gras celebration and HBO’s newest TV hit “True Detective” – what else is there to know? However, one of the best things about the Pelican state is just how diverse and eclectic it is. From creepy museums to riverboat gambling, Louisiana has a whole lot more than most people know, making it one of the most interesting, eclectic, and ultimately entertaining states in the Union.

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    5 Great American Writers and the Places that Inspired Them

    A writer is only as great as his muse. And for many, that muse isn’t very good. From boring forests, to clichéd seashores, the vast majority of books published in the United States fail to capture the attention of the public at large, mainly because the thing that lies at the core of them either isn’t interesting or has been done better before.

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