May 22, 2024 10:18 PM

Will Walker

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    5 Craziest Party Cities in the Country

    Everybody likes to cut loose once and a while. Indeed, from the laid-off steel-worker to the wall street executive, there’s nothing that brings Americans together like the need to unwind: to drink, dance, and forget about the problems of real life for a little bit.

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    Top 5 Most Beautiful Monasteries in the World

    Monastic life is really tough. The hours are long, the food isn't great, and you have to spend all your time on your knees, praying.

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    5 Best Zoos in the Country

    Who doesn’t love going to the zoo. After all, walking through cages full of lions, elephants, and giraffes is one of the great American past-times, something anyone, of any age, can enjoy.

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    Top 5 Restaurants in Baltimore

    People know Baltimore for all kinds of reasons. From the Orioles, to the aquarium, to the Wire, the Charm city has done quite well for itself in the past twenty years, casting itself in the national limelight over and over again.

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    5 Best Water Parks in the Country

    Everybody loves a water park. After all, there’s nothing better on a hot summer day then getting the family, packing up the car, and driving down to a day filled with cool, refreshing wade pools and water slides.

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    5 Most Beautiful Golf Courses in the Country

    There are few things in the world more beautiful than a golf course. Indeed, from the gentle roll of the fairway to the perfect manicure of the greens, everything about a golf course is strategically designed to look as perfect as possible.

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    5 Eclectic Honeymoon Ideas

    If there’s anything in the world that’s clichéd, it’s the traditional American honeymoon. After all, while trips to Hawaii and Venice might be fun, they’re also largely unoriginal, a quality that many who are about to tie the knot try desperately to avoid.

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    5 Exotic Desserts from Around the World

    If there's anything we in America love, it's a good dessert. From cakes, to cookies, sweet treats are what this country was built on, and, if present trends are any indication, what this country will continue to be built on in the years to come.

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    Top 5 4th of July Firework Shows in the US

    Few things are as closely associated with the 4th of July as fireworks, an American tradition that strikes to the core of our Independence Day celebrations. However, not all fireworks shows are created equally. Indeed, if last Friday had you reeling from the low-budget, low-quality display of your local town or city, you might consider taking your family out to a more legitimate, exciting, or memorable show of flammable patriotism.

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    5 Tips for Getting through Airport Security

    Not everybody loves flying. From the long drive to the airport, to the overpriced food at the terminals, there are hardly any redeeming qualities about air travel. However, for most people, by far the worst part of the entire flying experience is getting through the mandatory security checkpoint – the single part of your traveling experience with the most rampant inefficiency and the most uncomfortable exposure to strangers.

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    5 Tips for Communicating with Non-English Speakers

    We’ve all been there. Yelling as loud as we can, waving our hands like maniacs, and all to try and ask for a cup of water. Indeed, there are few things in this world more frustrating than trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your native language, an experience that leaves most people feeling frustrated, alienated, and more often-than-not, embarrassed.

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    Top 5 College Towns in the Country

    There are a lot of great things that go into making a good college. There’s the academic quality, the level of school spirit, the vibrancy of nightlife, and, of course, the aesthetic beauty of the campus. But one factor that often gets overlooked (but shouldn’t) is the vibe given off by the local college town.

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    Top 5 State Fairs in the Country

    There are few American traditions as strange and foreign to many of our citizens as the State Fair, a collection of big rides, greasy food, and farm animals, meant to act as a display of pride and value for the state in which it’s held.

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    Top 5 BBQ Joints in the Country

    There is no more traditionally American meal than Barbecue, a special mix of brisket, ribs, and sausage that embodies the very heart of our country’s cuisine. However, unlike the more common burgers and shakes, a good barbecue joint is hard to find. From overdoing the sauce to undercooking the meat, it’s easy to make simple barbecuing missteps that result in soured meals and unhappy customers.

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    Top 5 Cities in the United States to Find a Job

    While the economy might be improving, and the politicians in Washington assure us that there’s no better time to get a job then now, for many Americans, finding employment is no easy feat. From low wages, to high living expenses, many cities just don’t have a job market that’s easy to enter, leaving many to settle for jobs that they either don’t like or that don’t pay them what they’re worth.

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