As most frequent fliers know, there are few things in life worse than a bad plane flight. And, lets face it, the odds of that happening are pretty high. From the starchy seats to the screaming children, life on an airplane can border on hellish.

However, just because most plane rides aren't fun, doesn't mean they can't be bearable. On the contrary, by using the five tips below, you can transform your next flight into a relatively comfortable, if not necessarily exciting experience, a transformation that will certainly have a big effect on your temperament going into your next big trip. 

5. Get Cozy

Gone are the days of Don Draper and Humphrey Bogart, when you'd have to wear a suit to go on an airplane. In contemporary America, the fact of the matter is, no one cares what you look like when you fly. So take advantage of that. Sweatpants and loose-fitting shirts (especially layers) are often best for flying, making sure your circulation stays high and your body stays warm while you're in the air.

4. Prepare Your Own In-Flight Entertainment

One of the biggest mistakes people make, especially on long flights out of the country, is assuming that in-flight entertainment will be enough. However, even though the media options provided by airlines are better now than they have been in the past, it's still safer to bring your own entertainment options.

In light of that, make sure that your iPad and computer and fully charged and loaded with movies for the flight, or at the very least that you have a book in your carry-on. After all, there's nothing worse  on the seventh hour of your flight to Australia than trying to make yourself care about the Everybody Loves Raymond rerun playing on the airplane television set.

3. Knock Yourself Out

There's no better way to avoid the uncomfortable hassles of plane travel than to simply sleep through them, a solution, oddly enough, more and more people don't take. However, if you are going to sleep, make sure you bring a pillow and/or head-cushion to avoid cramps. Sleeping aids are also a good option, especially over-the-counter pills like Melatonin. Take one of those and you'll be out the whole flight, a decision that's sure to make you happier (and better rested) come landing time.

2. Keep Nourished

There's no gripe more common on airplane flights than hunger and dehydration, two issues that are, interestingly enough, some of the easiest things to avoid. Simply purchasing a water-bottle prior to take-off can do wonders to keep you hydrated and happy throughout your journey, as can buying a meal or snack for the flight itself. Also remember, food and drinks that are low on salt are going to be best for keeping you hydrated throughout the flight, so try and avoid soda, fries, and other high-sodium options.

1. Move Around 

However, all of that pales in comparison to the number one rule of flying, a tip even seasoned veterans of air-travel often ignore: move around. The fact of the matter is, staying still for too long on an aircraft does bad things for your circulation, your arteries, and your heart. It's not just about comfort: remaining stationary throughout the entire flight can actually pose a serious health risk.

To combat that, doctors suggest you get out of your seat and stand or walk for at least one to two minutes for every twenty or thirty minutes you're sitting. Obviously aisle seats provide the best opportunity for this, so planning ahead is crucial. But no matter where you're seated, make sure you stay active, even while en route. Not only will it keep you more comfortable and less cramped in the short-run, it may just prevent serious medical problems in the years after your flight lands.