Nashville, Tennessee is known for a lot of things, not the least of which are its Country music, southern belles, and down-home charm.  But what many visitors to the city don't know is that it's also home to some of the dingiest, dirtiest, and down-right most fun dive bars in the country. Below is a list of the 5 Best Dive Bars to visit in Nashville, locations that are sure to give you a feel of the local culture and keep you wanting to return to the city for many years to come.


5. Springwater Supper Club & Lounge

Starting with one of the tougher bars on the list, Springwater certainly gives off the vibe that it doesn't care and neither should you. From the cheap beer to the cash-only service, this bar epitomizes the Nashville sensibilities of good times, good friends, and real, down-home manliness. It also has achieved some level of local celebrity: The Black Keys Little Black Submarine was filmed in this very bar, lending musical credibility to your less-than-ordinary visit.  

4. Melrose Billiards

Melrose Billiards offers, in a lot of ways, the archetypical dive experience:  a smoky cave, away from the outside world, where people can go to forget their problems and just relax. Centered around a row of massive pool-tables, "Melrose" also has shuffleboard and ping-pong, meaning you can spend your evening playing games with some of the local characters. Plus the place is pretty big, meaning you won't feel as crowded as you would at another dive.

3. The Bluebird Café

Interested in a more historical vibe? Look no further than the "Bluebird Café," one of the lesser-known treasures of the Nashville bar scene. Located in a rather inauspicious strip-mall, the thing that makes the "Bluebird," so cool isn't the bar itself, but the people that it has attracted, including the likes of Country legends Vince Gill and Garth Brooks.  So who knows? If you stop by this bar you may just end up splitting a beer with someone whose song is playing on the radio.

2. Santa's Pub 

Even though Nasvhille might not have White Christmases too often, that doesn't mean Santa's not in town. On the contrary, one trip down to "Santa's Pub" will confirm that St. Nick is alive and well in Music City, USA. This former double-wide trailer, converted into a bar, serves $2 beers every night, making it one of the cheapest dates around. Plus, the karaoke is to die for - you never know what talent (or lack thereof) you and your friends might see on the Pub's main-stage. In short, while it may not be the North Pole, "Santa's Pub," is worth a visit even still.

1. Dino's

And, in the number one spot, one of the diviest dives around, Dino's bar, a single-room greaseball of a joint that will leave you with some of the best memories to be had in the city. The venue is certainly nothing special - small, dingy, and often too-crowded - but that's part of this places charm. You can't go in without feeling like you've been transported into a world where everyone knows your, and everybody else's, name. The $7 pitchers of Pabst are also an incentive to return, keeping your stomach full while your wallet remains heavy.