As the weather has recently indicated, it's finally summer: the time to take off work, go to the beach, and spend that quality "you" time you've been missing out on these last nine hard months. However, if you're like many Americans, the summer won't just be about rest. 

Instead, for those true musical aficionados among us, the summer is a time to catch up on the latest beats from the States and across the pond. Luckily, however, you don't have to go about it alone. In order to aid you in your quest for musical superfandom, below is a list of the Top 5 music festivals that all truly "hip" people have to see, performances and sets that will leave you hungry and wanting more.


5. Pitchfork Music Festival

Looking to explore the real connoisseur inside of you? Look no further than Pitchfork Music Festival, the July extravaganza located in the capital of the Midwest:  Chicago, Illinois.  Pitchfork is consistently the "hippest" music festival in the country, with high-powered acts like Neutral Milk Hotel and Kendrick Lamar leading the charge in its unforgettable sets. Plus, the advantages of Pitchfork's relatively central dates are undeniable - the festival will provide you just the reprieve you need as the regular summer starts to wind down.

Pitchfork will be running from July 18th-20th

4. Governor's Ball

The biggest festival in New York City, Governor's Ball consistently provides some of the hottest and most entertaining acts that can be seen today. With a 2014 lineup including Skrillex, Vampire Weekend, and OutKast, Governor's Ball is sure to provide an experience full of EDM, hip-hop and anything else you can think of (including, maybe even, the kitchen sink!)

Governor's Ball will be running from June 6th-8th

3. Sasquatch! Music Festival

You don't live in Chicago or New York City? That's okay! As it turns out, one of the hottest music festivals this year will be hitting the relatively remote Gorge Ampitheater in Quincy, Washington.  With headliners as diverse as The National and Kid Cudi, the Sasquatch! Music Festival will provide an experience like no other, combining the rural charm of a Woodstock experience with the heavy-hitters of contemporary rock and rap. But get tickets soon! Last Sasquatch! Festival sold out in only ninety minutes!

Sasquatch! will be running from May 23rd-25th


2. Bonnaroo

Into setting up tents and sleeping under the stars? Then Bonarro is the place for you! Held in the Southern city of Manchester, Tennessee, Bonnaroo consistently offers one of the strongest line-ups in popular music, with acts this year running the gamut from Kanye West to Elton John. And, even though there's not much to do in Manchester, who knows - you might just make a friend out in the Tennessee heat.

Bonnarro will be running from June 12th-15th

1. Lollapalooza 

The latest and greatest festival on the list, "Lolla" constantly defines the festival experience, one of the biggest destinations in music and fun on any summer calendar. And this year looks to be no different. With huge headliners like Eminem, Lorde, and Nas, Lollapalooza appears to be one of, if not the hottest festival in the year 2014. That, combined with the amazing setting provided by Chicago, makes it the best place for a true music superfan to spend his summer vacation.

Lollapalooza will be running form August 1st-3rd