Everybody enjoys a little vice now and again. And, for Americans, that vice often takes the form of gambling. Indeed, from Mark Twain novels to famous Broadway Plays, gambling has always captured a unique section of the American spirit, teasing us with the idea of effortless riches, up-all-night partying, and, of course, the possibility of losing it all in one bad hand.

However, the good old US of A is not the only place you can go to gamble. Indeed, the international scene is becoming more and more attractive to contemporary American gamblers who want to make a vacation out of their sojourn into the land of sin and chance. In honor of that we have listed, below, 5 of the best gambling destinations from around the world, places outside of the states that will test your wallet and your fortitude with their lavish, seductive casino fronts.

5. Australia

The first item on the list is also probably the farthest away for most Americans. But have no fear, a trip Down Under is guaranteed to make your enormous flight-time worth while. From the beaches, to the surfing, to the unbelievable sight-seeing, Australia is, in many ways, one of the most idyllic place on earth. Plus, did we mention, they have more gambling than almost anywhere else in the globe. Home to over 400 casinos (most divided between the two large cities of Sydney and Melbourne), Australia is guaranteed to take your money and leave you smiling while she does it. That, added with the great opportunities the city offers when you actually leave the casino, makes Australia an easy addition to the list.

4. The Ocean

Okay, this is kind of cheating. But the opportunity afforded by cruise-ships was just too great to pass up. After all, if you can't pick just one international place to visit for your gambling purposes, why not pick all of them. Indeed, many gambling cruises traverse substantial distances, giving you the chance to see everything you'd want to in Canada, the Bahamas, or the Mediterranean. Plus, in between spots you have absolutely no obligations, offering as much (or as little, depending on your bankroll) time to gamble as you'd want. Which is why, although "the Ocean" might not really be a destination, the gambling opportunities afforded by international waters are certainly nothing to laugh at.  

3. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Coming in at the number three spot is one of the oldest, most established, and most luxurious places for gambling in the world. Indeed, if any place seems right out of a James Bond film it's Monte Carlo, with its tuxedoed men, sophisticated bars, and rows and rows of gambling tables. The only problem is: the bankroll you'll need to get in is as impressive as the casinos themselves. In other words, while this may be a primo destination for gambling, you have to have some serious cash to partake, a barrier-to-entry that prevents Monte Carlo from snagging the number one spot.

2. The Bahamas

If a tropical attitude more your vibe, look no further than the Bahamas, one of the most beautiful, happy, and sun-shiney places in the world. However, if you want to spend your days indoors in the casinos, the Bahamas has that too. Paradise Island and its "Atlantis Resort" is particularly well-known for its gambling scene, with one of the best and biggest casinos in the world. That, in combination with the sandy beaches, underwater bars, and fantastic Caribbean restaurants, makes the Bahamas a perfect place for a gambling getaway, with enough activity indoors to lose all your money, and enough fun outdoors to help you forget about it.

1. Macau, China

And, in the number one spot, one of the newest, most extensive, and most exciting gambling spots anywhere. Often called the "Las Vegas of the Orient," Macau has it all, including the Venetian Macau, the biggest casino in the world. Even better, almost everything in Macau is brand-spanking-new, adding a level of 21st century luxury you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. Finally, given the fact that its in China, Macau is relatively convenient. Just an hour-long boat-ride from Hong Kong, the city is about as Western as the East gets, ensuring you don't feel too out-of-place while plugging your change into the famous "hungry tiger" slots. All of which makes Macau, China the best place to go gambling abroad, an up-and-coming global rival of Las Vegas, and the place you should put at the top of your travelling to-do list.