Everybody knows that having a layover is a drag. After all, what's worse for than sitting in an airport, killing time, waiting for a flight that's been delayed an extra hour or two.

However, even though the time spent in an airport may never be particularly fun, it doesn't have to be miserable either. On the contrary, the facilities of some airports are actually quite good, offering a variety of places to help ease your travelling woes, including, of course, restaurants. It is for that reason that we, here at Traveler's Today, have listed below five of the very best culinary hotspots in American airports, places that will provide quality food and quality entertainment while you wait for your particular jet-plane to arrive.

5. The Salt Lick, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Barbecue might not be the first type of cuisine that pops into your mind when you think of airport food. But one trip to Austin will clear that right up. Indeed, the barbecue at the Salt Lick is more than just "good for an airport" - it's good for anywhere. Just make sure you have enough time to fully appreciate your food: the sloppy briskets and burgers served at The Salt Lick aren't particularly conducive to bagging up and carrying on the plane.

4. The Silver Diner, Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Interested in a more retro vibe? Look no further than "The Silver Diner," an old-school, jukebox-and-metal-counter eatery located right in the middle of - you guessed it - BWI airport. However, while the location may leave a bit to be desired, the food at The Silver Diner is nothing to scoff at: the restaurant boasts some of the best burgers and shakes we've had anywhere. Plus, the excellent service will keep your wait minimal, making it convenient for a quick bite as well as a more leisurely meal.

3. Ink.sack, Los Angeles International Airport

Looking for a restaurant as modern and glamorous as the city you're waiting in? Look no further than Ink.sack, LAX's premiere sandwich shop. Far from the traditional airport deli or sub store, each sandwich at Ink.sack prides itself on being deluxe, offering traditional BLTs and Paninis roasted to perfection right before your eyes. Plus, it's cheap. A good meal at Ink.sack will generally run you under $10, an experience you literally can't afford to miss.

2. Sushi Maki, Miami International Airport

If there's one thing airport food definitively is not, it's fresh. However, Sushi Maki defies the stereotype, offering recently caught fish every single day. Indeed, with many dishes coming straight off the coast of Southern Florida, this unassuming spot rivals almost any other sushi bar in the country. That, plus a lovely serving staff and lightning-quick service, makes Sushi-Maki a must-visit on your next trip to Party Capital, USA.

1. Prime Tavern, LaGuardia Airport

However, the number one spot is reserved for a place that truly goes above and beyond. Indeed, everything about Prime Tavern in New York's busy LaGuardia Airport smacks of Michelin quality. From their perfectly-cooked steaks (the restaurant's bread-and-butter), to their clubby decor, to their professionally-attired staff, Prime Tavern is designed specifically to make you feel like you're not in an airport, a benefit that makes it unique among other restaurants in its class. Which is why, ultimately, Prime Tavern clinches the spot as the best airport-restaurant in the country, a place so good it will have you wishing your layover was longer.