Selena Gomez has become the latest victim of an Internet death hoax, with Global Associated News reporting that she died in a card accident, when in fact, she is alive and well.

The site reported that Gomez was driving on Route 80 in New Mexico, a road many who have seen previous death hoaxes may be familiar with, as it was also the location where other celebrities who have been false reported dead have crashed their cars, among them Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber.

The article reports that Gomez was reported dead at the scene of the crash after losing control of a friend's vehicle.  They also reported that she was driving at 95 miles per hour and crossing the double yellow line.

Gomez is not known for getting into trouble, which is something that would make this story shocking if it were true.  Fortunately, it is completely made up.

Global Associated News is a site that is known for creating fake news stories about the deaths of celebrities.  The deaths always follow one of a few different methods, including a car accident, which is what Gomez was said to have died from, a snowboarding accident or falling off of a cliff.

When there are reports that a celebrity has died in a shocking or accidental and sudden manner, it is important to check reputable news sources to confirm the truth of the story before taking to Twitter or Facebook, which is how many of these false stories spread.  All major news networks would cover the death of a famous person.

There is a Facebook page that reads RIP Selena Gomez.  Previous victims of death hoaxes include Kristen Stewart, Michael J. Fox, Megan Hilty, Nicole Kidman and Paris Hilton

Selena Gomez is known for her hit song "Love You Like a Love Song," and had a well-publicized relationship and break-up with Justin Bieber.