Megan Hilty is one of the latest celebrities to have rumors of her death circulating on the Internet. A website dedicated to perpetrating Internet death hoaxes has started a story about Hilty's death, though the actress is actually alive and well.

The report claims Hilty died on November 2, and then continues to give details about a nonexistent Facebook page dedicated to condolences about her death, which didn't even occur.

In actuality, Hilty got married over the weekend. Hilty and her not yet fiancé, Brian Gallagher, got married at the Venetian Chapel in Las Vegas on Saturday, November 2.

"I married the love of my life tonight at the Venetian chapel in Las Vegas," Hilty tweeted.

"WE DID IT!!!" Gallagher wrote on his Instagram account. He also posted a photograph of the wedding.

"We were so excited to be married that we skipped the engagement altogether," Hilty told People Weekly.

The couple met at a fitness class in New York City while they were both working on Broadway.

"We shred a perfect weekend with our family," Hilty told US Weekly. "To us it's more about the marriage than the actual wedding, which is why we decided to skip the whole engagement thing.

"We couldn't be happier!" Hilty continued.

Hilty also described the simplicity of their wedding.

"It was only our immediate family," Hilty shared. "We called them about a week ago and told them.

"We invited everyone but didn't expect anyone to show up since it was so last minute but they did!" Hilty continued. "It was perfect!"

Hilty is best known for her role as Ivy Lynn on the recently cancelled show "Smash," which aired for two seasons on NBC before being cancelled in 2013. Hilty is currently appearing on the sitcom "Sean Saves the World," which also airs on NBC.

Megan Hilty in a music video for the song "No Cure."