Nicole Kidman is the latest celebrity to be the victim of an Internet death hoax. An online article reports that the actress died while filming a movie in New Zealand, but she is actually alive and well.

The false report says she was filming a movie on the Kauri Cliffs, when she fell over 60 feet. They even report the time of the accident to be 4:30 a.m.

The report claims there is a Facebook page dedicated to condolences, though none appears to exist. Towards the end of the article, it adds that the story is fake.

The story is on a website that is dedicated to perpetrating death hoaxes online, and Kidman is not the first celebrity to be reported dead falsely. Even the method of death, falling off of a cliff in New Zealand, has been used for many other hoaxes. The most common causes of death on these sites include falling off a cliff, a skiing accident, a snowboarding accident and a car accident.

The story is also reported on a second website, Media Mass, that is also dedicated to creating fake stories about the deaths of famous people.

Nicole Kidman is currently featured on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. In the article she discusses her previous marriage to Tom Cruise and her current marriage to Keith Urban, as well as living outside of Hollywood. The actress and her family currently reside in Nashville.

Readers that see information online about a celebrity death should check reputable news sites to confirm the story, and if it's only on Twitter, Facebook or a site that is unfamiliar, it can be safely assumed to be a hoax.

Other celebrities that have been subject to false online death rumors include Paris Hilton, David Beckham, Amanda Bynes, Michael J. Fox and Hillarie Clinton.

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