Katy Perry is the subject of an online death hoax that claims she died in a car accident on November 1, though it's a false rumor and Perry is actually alive and well.

The hoax claims that Perry died in a car accident on Route 80 in New Mexico, a story that may be familiar to anyone who has read a death hoax on the Global Associated News website, which is dedicated to creating false stories that usually involve the death of a celebrity.

The article goes into details, though in this particular hoax it seems like the writer copied and pasted Perry's name without checking the details, as the singer is referred to as "he" multiple times throughout the article, saying "he was pronounced dead at the scene" and that they found photo ID "on his body."

The site frequently uses the car accident story, as well as skiing accidents, snowboarding accidents and falling off of a cliff as causes of death.

There is also a Facebook page dedicated to condolences, but it appears to have been around for a while. Many of these death hoaxes spread through social media like Facebook and Twitter. Readers should confirm any articles about the death of a celebrity by checking with a reputable news source, as the tragedy would be covered. If no reputable news source is reporting the information, it's safe to assume it's another online hoax.

Perry has been in the news lately for her relationship with singer John Mayer, as well as recent rumors that Mick Jagger, lead singer for the rolling Stones, hit on her when she was only 18.

She recently released a new album with the hit single "Roar," which has been discussed for its similarity to the song "Brave" by singer Sara Bareilles. Both songs were released around the same time, though the singers both seem to have dealt with the similarity with a sense of humor.

Other recent victims of online death hoaxes have been Nicole Kidman, Michael J. Fox, Paris Hilton and David Beckham.

Music video for Katy Perry's new song "Roar."