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Five Places Where You Should Travel Alone In Your Twenties

Travelers Today       By    Czarina Ara Lasco

Updated: Apr 06, 2017 06:36 AM EDT

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For people who are in their 20s, traveling plays a significant role in changing their perceptions in life, in widening their experiences and in enabling them to explore a new culture, people and environment. Hence, selecting the perfect place to travel alone during this age is important. You need to consider your safety, your finances and other aspects. Check out this list to give you an idea on where you must travel alone while you are still in your 20s.

Hawaii. Hawaii is one perfect place where you can definitely feel like you are far from where you have been while feeling secure and safe all at the same time, Buzzfeed says. With all the pristine beaches, happy faces and amazing activities to explore, Hawaii will let you connect deeper with yourself and discover a new perspective on life.

Morocco. If you are an adventurous type of person but you do not have a big budget to spend on your travel, Morocco is the perfect place for you. Traveling alone in this country can be a bit exhausting and challenging, but in the end, your heart will be filled with wonder, awe and rewarding experiences. You can take a bold and daring trip to the Sahara Desert and visit the Marrakech. You can definitely do many things in this country without spending a lot from your savings.

Southeast Asia. Miles away from the United States, the countries in Southeast Asia are some of the best (and cheapest) countries where people in their 20s can travel. You can visit Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan and Korea where you will be introduced to a totally different culture, language and environment. You will get to meet a lot of people and hear their stories that are inspired by their Asian roots. The gastronomic scene in Southeast Asia is one interesting thing to discover, too!

New Zealand. For people who are a bit blessed in terms of travel budget, New Zealand is a place that should not be missed. In terms of safety, there is no question that New Zealand has it for you. There are actually thousands of solo backpackers traveling to New Zealand every year and almost all of them have good stories and experiences to share. This is also where you can find the towns seen in the series of the "Lord of the Rings", The New York Times says.

Barcelona. This country has been a favorite destination for tourists, especially those who are in their 20s. Barcelona will make your first world travel an epic and unforgettable experience of your life—from bathing under the sun, discovering the authentic Spanish classics, meeting friendly and awesome locals, to partying all night. Even though Barcelona is quite a touristy destination, you will never get short of the surprising things and experiences that will perhaps change your outlook on life.

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