Whether you will get to stay in a luxury hotel or in a less-expensive hostel, you basically need to do some random checks on your chosen room before shaking off some of your jetlags. This is to assure that the actual features of the hotel are worth the price you paid for and also, for your own safety. Here is a short guide of the things that you must first do when entering into your hotel room.

Smell the air inside the room upon entrance. According to Forbes, the fragrance that you will get to smell after your first step inside your hotel room will define the experience that you need to expect during your stay. Some hotel rooms, especially those from five-star hotels, smell like chamomile and other expensive scents while others may smell awful even after the housekeeping prepared the room. Call the attention of the hotel staff right away to avoid a stinky hotel experience.

Check the mattress. Travelers who came from long-haul flights tend to just throw their things on the bed, including themselves, in the bed after entering the hotel room. Your exhaustion is acceptable but there are still many reasons why you should not indulge yourself in the comfort of the hotel beds right away. You first need to check if the mattress and pillow cases are not the ones used by the previous guest of your hotel room. Doing some inspection against bed bugs will also be of great help.

Check the toilet and bathroom. Practically speaking, some travelers do not want to bring too much on the luggage. Most of these people live their lives on the hotel's complimentary shampoo, soap, conditioner, lotion, towels and toothpaste. Even if you are this kind of traveler or not, you definitely need to do a little check on whether or not the amenities of your hotel room's toilet and bathroom are all there. You might also want to check if the hot and cold temperatures of the shower are working.

Inspect the mini-bar. Some of the greatest traumas of travelers, especially those who are on a tight budget, are the overpriced goods from the hotel room's mini-bar. Before spending an hour or two in your room, check first if the list of the goods by the hotel and the actual contents of the mini-bar hold that same figures. Making sure that nothing is missing in that precious mini-bar will help you be saved from paying for the lost goods, Shermans Travel says.

Make sure that the in-room safe is working. You might want to check if the safe in your hotel room is functional before leaving your passport, wallet and other valuable belongings in there. There are also cases when some of the belongings of the previous guest of the hotel room you are staying at were still inside the safe. Inform the hotel attendants right away if this happens.