The world is balanced by the good and the bad, just like when planning for a travel and finding good deals. No matter how hard we try in order for us to get cheap but decent travel deals, there are times when scammers will truly get in our ways. Therefore, to lessen your chance on being trapped by these acts, here are some of the scams that you might encounter when searching for reasonable travel deals.

The agent is a fake. Nowadays, creating fake accounts online can be as easy as reading the ABCs. Anyone can make a false identity as long as he knows how to use the internet. And because of this, there is a big probability for a traveler to encounter one of these fakes, especially when he does not know how to separate the legit from the bogus ones. So when you are trying to get a deal online, make sure that the websites you are looking at and the persons you are talking to are actually real and exist in the travel business.

Unreal "Make me a travel agent" deal. Some of the legit travel agents who have already established themselves in the travel world are granted with perks and freebies by other hotels, restaurants and travel partners. Some agents might offer you a deal in making you a "travel agent" with the necessary certificates and all in exchange for an additional fee, Best Travel Deals Tips says. You need to take caution with these kinds of deals because many of them are unreal and literally just a waste of money.

Fake "Big" Discounts. If travel agencies or agents want to attract travelers in an instant, the perfect bait to use is "discount". While many consumers go for big discounts, travel deals have already thought of a good idea on how to mislead the travelers. They are posting overpriced travel deals, putting big discounts on them, and telling the consumers that the discounted prices are actually "discounted" when in fact, they are the real and original prices of the deals.

Renting a condo from a person who does not have a condo. Just like the fake travel websites and agent accounts, fraudsters who pretend to have a condominium for rent are also rampant nowadays. According to Travel Pulse, this type of scammers usually offers rentals of condominium for lower prices and thereafter demands an advance payment. After they have received the said "downpayment", they will change their mobile number and block any means of communication that you might use to contact them.

Travel deals sent through email. Always bear in mind that there are travel deals which you have received through email that are bogus. Many of these email deals tend to say that you are one of the chosen few, when in fact, they are all sent in bulk. So avoid responding to these emails and prevent yourself from opening the attached files as well because they would probably lead you to sites with a computer virus on them.