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Top Five Flight Hacks This 2017

Travelers Today       By    Czarina Ara Lasco

Updated: Mar 31, 2017 05:34 AM EDT

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Flights during peak seasons can be pretty painful. Rates are doubled while bookings are easily being filled leaving you with no choice but to settle with the expensive ones. But in this generation where competitions among airlines are limitless, here are some of the hacks to help you fly to the destination of your choice without being trapped with the costly airfares.

Book for a Non-Refundable Flight. Instead of booking for an expensive Refundable Flight, choose a Non-Refundable Flight and avail of an additional Travel Insurance for yourself. According to a Press Release by AardvarkCompare, Non-Refundable Flights are commonly 300% cheaper compared to the cost of Refundable ones.

Do not stick to mainstream airlines. Perhaps, there can be several airlines that are commonly chosen when it comes to local and international flights. And with such popularity, these airlines tend to triple their rates during peak seasons without their customers noticing it. Therefore, you need to look for the less-heard airlines which will surely cost you with the normal airline prices, or sometimes, lower.

Be familiar with the Frequent Travel University. The Frequent Travel University hosts seminars on a regular basis wherein participants are given tips with the latest hacks on how one can have a cheaper travel. In a report by CNN, James Larounis of FTU said, "We're teaching people how to redeem those miles for trips that can cost $20,000 one way, how to utilize that elite status." Seminars conducted by FTU are often unpublicized so participants will really have an edge over the usual travelers.

Avoid group purchases. Others may think that group flight deals are far cheaper than single seat purchases. But the reality is on the other way around. Airlines may quote higher deals especially with respect to the number of luggage and devices that the group brings. Practically, groups who prefer single seat purchases will have bigger savings of up to 20%.

Book as early as you can. There are many airlines out there that accept early bookings and reservations. And there are literally hundreds of reasons why you should do this. Airfares during peak seasons are obviously higher than the usual. So if you book ahead of the said peak season, you will definitely save yourself from paying higher airlines fees. You can also avoid yourself from being a victim of fully-booked flights and all.

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