The Regional Tourism Committee of Paris Ile-de-France has revealed that the income of the capital city of France in 2016 was short by 1.3 billion euros. It also asserted the tourists that came into Paris were fewer by 1.5 million or 4.7% lower compared to the previous year. The reason behind this downfall is the fright among tourists that is drawn from recent terror attacks in Paris.

The decline in tourism, which included both international and French tourists, has also caused a drop on the income of the hotels in the region of 10.8 per cent shorter from the previous years. According to The Local, the international travellers in Paris who came from China were lower by 21.5 percent while the number of Japanese tourists dropped by 41.2 percent.

The top tourist attractions in Paris that are affected by the drop of visitors include the Louvre Museum, which was attacked by a man carrying a machete while shouting "Allahu Akbar," as well as Disneyland Paris, where recorded foreign guests were down by 9.5 percent. It can be recalled that within the last six months, there were terror incidents all over Paris that had involved tourists - the robbing incident with guests from Korea, the "ten minutes of horror" where a tourists where frightened by a man carrying a on object that has resemblance with a glass bottle, and other series of disturbances that victimized tourists from countries other than France.

However, Le Figaro confirmed that efforts are already being made towards the reliving of the tourism of the region by means of strengthening and reassuring the security not only of the tourists, by of the locals as well. Authorities and other concerned organizations have also joined forces in establishing security posts and contingents that are capable of receiving complaints and all other suspicious activities.

In November of year 2015, Paris was shocked by mass shootings and bombings all throughout the city which killed over 130 civilians. The tragedy was considered to be among the worst terror attacks in the history of Europe.