These tourist destinations will not only bring tourist to their most unforgettable vacation ever but will also teach them something they will definitely enjoy. From Antarctica to Argentina and Prague, Learn weaving, photography and more, get the best adventure while collecting the best intelligence from other country's locals and their cultures.

In a report by Forbes, it shares an in-depth look with Antarctica, Argentina, and Prague as a tourist destination. Notably, their beauty and attraction are the only things it serves on its report but also the amazing things to learn in the places. Here are a much closer on them and the knowledge to take home from each.

Antarctica's Aurora Expedition- this tour offers amazing learning perks such as photography, mountaineering, kayaking, and diving. From South America, the trip can last for many days with just $3,200 price tag. With ice-clad peaks and stunning iceberg, anyone can take a workshop to learn how to capture the best snaps of everything. Also, they allow their guests to experience in land adventures so they also have trekking and other water adventures where everyone can learn one or two more skills.

Prague Patchwork Meeting Tour- Here the travelers will not only enjoy Charles Bridge, Prague Astronomical Clock, St Vitus Cathedral or Josefov. On March 31 - April 2, the biggest collection of textile quilts will be arriving in the place and everyone can join the fun. Learn quilting and needle work for the best price of 20 to 50 euro. Also, the best quilter exhibitors will be joining hands in this event so it will be a nice time to see world class hand works.

Casa de Uco- Wine & Food Learning? Get it here! With Argentina's renowned wine resort, the best experience of wine taste while embracing the wonder of natures' colorful mountains and vineyards. If it's not enough, the accommodation is also a superb lace to enjoy the best Argentine culture with its excellent service and daily adventures.