November 29, 2023 8:23 PM


A 100-Year-Old Tango Theater Is Now A Heavenly Bookstore

Upon stepping inside the El Ateneo Grand Splendid, book lovers will be wondering if whether they've fallen into a bygone era. Maybe, in fact, they did. It was a tango theater, then, an opera house, and afterward, a movie theater, before finally becoming a heavenly bookstore for bibliophiles.


Argentina, Prague, & Antarctica: Travel Destinations With Learnig Perks

Travel and Learn in Antarctica, Argentina, and Prague. Find out how traveling can also be a good learning experience for many other skills.


English Only Please: Five Easy Countries to Visit For the English Speaking Travelers

Faced with the prospect of a holiday blighted by broken conversation, pointing and blank stares it's no surprise some travelers would feel more relaxed visiting a country where English is widely-spoken and understood. If you'd rather leave your phrasebook at home, there are plenty of countries where it is surprisingly easy to strike up a conversation in English.


Top 5 Countries with Current “Great Deals” Travel Spots

Make every trip worth its cost and check out Top 5 countries with “great vacation deals” travel spots right now.


Brazilian Officer Reportedly Fires Live Round into Protest Crowd

The Associated Press has reported that they have obtained a video showing a uniformed Brazilian police officer firing live rounds into a crowd. The Brazilian government has stated that, should the video hold merit, the officer in question will be investigated and, if found guilty, chastised.


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