Tragedy struck the sports world when a plane carrying the Brazilian Chapocoense soccer team crashed in Colombia killing 71 people. The plane was carrying 77 passengers, most of whom were members of Chapocoense team, were headed to Medellin to play in the championship game of the Copa Sudamericana.

A remembrance to honor the victims was scheduled at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium where the team was due to play against Colombia's Atletico National Team. To show respect, the Colombian team offered to forfeit the game and declare Chapocoense as the champion and asked their supporters to show up dressed in white as a sign of solidarity.

According to a report by Sky Sports, many Brazilian first division soccer teams have also offered to lend some of their players to Chapocoense for free, and have asked the league to help spare the club from relegation for at least three years. Several of the world's high-profile soccer stars including Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Wayne Rooney all paid tributes to the players who perished in the crash.

Chapocoense had been unexpectedly experiencing a successful season this year and became the first Brazilian team in 3 years to secure a berth in the final of the Copa Sudamericana after beating San Lorenzo, one of Argentina's top teams. The Copa Sudamericana is the second largest soccer competition in South America.

In a report posted by the Daily Mirror, it was revealed that the plane had crashed because of a lack of fuel and that their pilot was not able to tell the authorities about it until it was already too late. Out of the 71 victims who perished in the crash, 21 were journalists. Both of the flight recorders from the plane have also been recovered.

Brazilian president Michel Temer has announced that the entire country will be in a state of national mourning that will last three days. Spanish clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid also paid their respects by observing a moment of silence prior to their practice sessions.