Although there are a number of reasons to visit Mongolia in 2017, it is easy to condense these specific motives into two words - 'exotic experience.' Seemingly, every aspect about Mongolia as a country is simply fascinating for outsiders. In terms of choosing a particular place to go when traveling in Mongolia, each city also brings its own unique features.  

Apart from the fact that this city is the international entry point, there are a number of reasons why one would choose to visit Ulaanbaatar. These are the following:

Period Juxtaposition

Almost all people who visit Ulaanbaatar can easily take note of the stark contrast of elements within the city's overall layout. While tall commercial and industrial buildings nestle around the iconic Chinggis Square, the city's rustic outskirts are strewn with traditional huts called 'gers.' Nearly half of the country's total population lives here.

Land of Modern Monoliths

Modern buildings are not the only huge structures towering Ulaanbaatar. This city is home to Mongolia's biggest and historically recent monuments. Among these structures include the renowned Genghis Khan statue, the biggest equestrian effigy in the world.

Ulaanbaatar Opera House

One of the best reasons to visit Ulaanbaatar is to see a live performance of classic and crossover music genre in the Ulaanbaatar Opera House. Established as early as the 1930's this cultural center has ties with other prestigious international ballet houses like the Boston Theatre.

A suitable alternative destination to the capital city is the countryside. Here are a number of reasons people would visit Karakorum:

Mongol Imperial Capital

The types of travelers who would love to visit Karakorum are those who are very fond of history. After all, this city was once the seat of Genghis Khan's vast Mongol Empire. What was left of the glorious imperial center is the famous Erdene Zuu Monastery.

Archaeological Treasure Chest

Speaking of old structures, Karakorum is the hotbed of Mongolia's archaeological activities. Contrary to popular belief about Mongols absent of engineering prowess, many scientists have been unearthing clues about Genghis Khan's heritage around Karakorum since the early 1930's.  

Endless Road Trip

One of the best reasons to visit Karakorum is its very long and winding highway. Adventurous visitors love to challenge their long-distance driving in Karakorum whenever they are traveling to Mongolia.