People sometimes can't choose whether they want to sleep under the clear sky or the comforts of their own hotel room. One Swiss hotel on the Alps say, "Why not both?"

Null Stern only gives you a bed and its linens in their open-air hotel. The name itself means, "zero stars," and gives importance to the "hotel" guests. Hotel's co-founder, Daniel Charbonnier said in the Independent, "We got rid of all the walls, and the only thing left is you and your experience."

What about hotel service? Technically, the guests have their butler at a nearby cabin ready to be called anytime soon. He will be cooking breakfast and dinner for you there.

If you want to take a pee or brush your teeth, there's a five-minute walk public restroom down the mountain. More amenities can be found 10 minutes away from the site.

The hotel though offers the guests a perfect scenery of the mountain sides, nature and the starry night. "Switzerland becomes the hotel," Charbonnier said.

Null Stern offers the room during spring and autumn but will cancel if inclement weathers start rolling out. This unique experience started in July 2016 and has been fully booked up 'til now.

Demand for the hotel is pretty high, so Null Stern is working out with tour agencies to come up with the perfect spot on where the next bed will be.

Located 6,463 feet above sea level, Null Stern sits in the middle of the Swiss Alps. It costs about $210 a night. Null Stern also started transforming a former nuclear bunker in the Swiss city of Teufen into a hotel.

So, how about that? If you cannot decide between sleeping among the grass or your hotel room, then if all possible, head to the Swiss Alps. It will be a new experience sleeping under the stars with the comforts of a hotel room.