Typical transient houses for travelers have a regular house shape -- the ones with a triangle on top of a short column that one could consider a stump. But in Taiwan, the stump turns into a true column and the triangle is inverted forming the letter "Y" -- and even has its own swimming pool on top.

Dutch architectural design company MVRDV -- working with KAI Architects and Envision Engineering Consultants -- had designed and developed a Y-shaped house of 3,552 square feet in Tainan City. The property is not for sale but serves as a retreat for weary travelers from the city or foreigners wanting to experience something new. According to Lost At E Minor, designers made it a great home for a single family.

The house is split into three floors and a rooftop swimming pool. The first floor has the children's bedrooms, the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. The second floor houses the living spaces including a solarium, the changing room and dining room. The amazing concept is further elevated into a futuristic setting as the house features Swiss-cheese type hole windows of different sizes. The holes vary from life-sized to small cruise-ship size portholes not just on windows but also on staircases.

According to Inhabitat, the house is designed to preserve the environment by only using natural light and featuring frame views. The top rooftop swimming pool is on top of the convex of the "Y" on top of the house, complete with circular windows that let light passing through water inside the house.

The window arrangement and flow of light into the homes follow the principles of Feng Shui, ensuring maximum spirituality and space optimization. Rates for the weekend house retreat for city workers have yet to be announced but it is likely to be quite pricey.