Travelers from all over the world are flocking into Switzerland and its bountiful number of skiing resorts catering to beginners up to professionals. Foreign tourists are shunning other European tourism destinations due to possible terrorist attacks as prime skiing destination Switzerland -- along with The Netherlands -- are the only European countries who have yet to suffer a terrorist attack.

According to Global Times China, more Chinese travelers are picking up on skiing as the country would play host to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The news website cited that the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Chinese visitors with an interest for skiing resorts have incremented per year. It also cited the Chamber's prediction that about 170 million Chinese would travel overseas by 2020 with ski resorts and other winter destinations in mind.

For the rest of Europe, China's tourist population could become its central source of income. Global Times China suggests Switzerland should become accessible to foreign countries and make it easier for native Chinese to communicate with local resorts -- including using Chinese characters for road guides and other signs for navigation and skiing.

Switzerland is never a cheap destination. According to The Telegraph, travelers could save up on their travels to Switzerland by choosing their resort stays and accommodations wisely. The news website suggests paying to become a member of the Swiss Youth Hostels Association. The hostels are better than most budget apartments and guarantees huge discounts if an individual or an entire family is part of the Hostels Association.

The Telegraph also suggests other resorts that offer amazing views and are just a few kilometers away from ski resorts are the Youtpalace in Davos and the limited yet elegant rooms of Gstaad that features an amazing music festival, restaurants and other areas of interests aside from the slopes meant for beginner or professional skiers.