Maldives is probably one of the most popular honeymoon destinations out there. But there are just a lot of things to do in Maldives that sometimes you can't decide what to do first. For those couples planning for their honeymoons, here are 5 things newlyweds shouldn't miss out when in Maldives.

Underwater Adventures

According to Travel Triangle, there's nothing more enjoyable than to swim with whale sharks and manta rays with your loved one. There's also a lot of stunning coral reefs and beautiful marine life in Maldives so it's something that should be on your list.

Island Hopping

Maldives has about 1192 coral islands so why not go island hopping during your stay. Each island is unique on its own with so many attractions to offer so try to stay at different resorts in each island. According to Overwater Bungalows, there are lots of island resorts like the Cocoa Island resort, Baros Resort, Mirihi Island Resort and Veligandu Resort.

Spending The Night At The Glowing Beach

If you want a magical experience with your loved one, the glowing beach of Vaadhoo Island is a must see. You could just spend the whole night staring at the glowing tides of the sea. The island is just next to the airport so it should be on your itinerary.

Country Cruisin

There are different kinds of accommodations when you're in Maldives and one good option is to try a cruise with your partner. The ship will take you to destinations that are also worth seeing while you enjoy your stay in a classy cruise on the sea.

Try The Dhoni Cruise

If you prefer a more traditional kind of cruise, then the Dhoni Cruise is a must try. It's a boat made out of coconut palm wood and it will take you to places where you can taste delicious seafood and enjoy bird watching with your partner.

These 5 things newlyweds shouldn't miss when in Maldives should be on your itinerary if you're already booked for a stay in this beautiful country. It's definitely an unforgettable experience that you will enjoy with your partner.