It has been found in a survey that US travelers spend 20% of their time on mobile either on Facebook or Instagram apps. Facebook recently came out with Dynamic Ads For Travel, a product made especially for hospitality and travel brands, which retargets travelers/consumers who had previously browsed on their sites for travel ideas or inspiration.

Dynamic Ads For Travel was initially launched last May, but it was just this Sept-Oct when they launched their new destination catalog. A few travel brands have already been testing the ads since May of this year.

Facebook said that the destination catalog of Dynamic Ads For Travel is primarily designed to display images of their destinations in their ads. As an example, if a consumer has been researching about Italy in their site, the ad can retarget the consumer by showing him a carousel of images of The Colloseum or the Accademia Gallery Museum in Florence in Italy. This is instead of merely posting names of available hotels on the destination. An airline could show images of sites to see in Los Angeles, instead of depicting pictures of airplanes, for a passenger or consumer researching for relevant flights.

In the case of hotels, Marriott can retarget consumers who viewed through Facebook apps, and show images of the hotel or rooms they viewed, together with other hotels in the area with real-time rates and availability. For airlines, they can show imaged of relevant hotels for the consumers who viewed on their sites or apps.

According , some Booking sites have been maximizing the use of Facebook's advertising photo and video carousels, according to Vernon Vasu, CMO of Singapore-based ReFuel4. ReFuel4 is a marketing technology company which is a partner of Facebook in its marketing. ReFuel4 refreshes Facebook ads using artificial intelligence and A/B testing. It also works with travel brands that have not yet transitioned to the travel specific ad product. "It took a while for brands to work out how to effectively use Facebook's photo carousels," said Vasu.