In this holiday season, Facebook is making it easier for you and your family to be together even if you are not physically together this Christmas with the latest feature of Messenger. Facebook is launching its very own split-screen group video chat feature. Maximum of six users can appear in split-screen at a time and use Snapchat-style selfie masks. In addition, a total of 50 can listen and voice chat while sending text, stickers, emojis, and GIFs.

The new feature could make Messenger a place to "livechill" with friends rather than simply sending texts. Instead of just firing off messages, users could hang out for a long period of time on the app and enjoy the addition of faster camera, masks, stickers and frames. Facebook considers it as "perfect for those spontaneous moments where text just isn't enough."

According to Tech Crunch, group video chat starts release worldwide on iOS, Android, and web, though Android will have to wait for the MSQRD-powered selfie masks that might not be available to desktop. It's free on wi-fi, but standard data charges will apply on cellular connections.

Facebook is consistently competing with other internet-reliant messaging services such as Skype, Google Hangouts and even WhatsApp, which the social network owns, to guarantee it's offering a full suite of possibilities to its users. Moreover, the launch makes Messenger the first famous western messaging app with group video chat. It has the capability to beat FaceTime/iMessage, Google Duo, and Snapchat.

CNET reveals that users can start a call by either using a new Messenger conversation or an existing one and hit the video icon. Facebook friends will immediately be alerted and can jump in if and when they are ready. A second way is to ring a few people simultaneously and turn the call into a video chat that way.